Saturday, September 10, 2011

Implications of Obesity

Psychological and Social Implications of Obesity

While the medical implications are extensive and serious, the psychological and social consequences of obesity are just as serious. Obesity often leads to feelings of depression, anxiety, guilt and poor self-esteem which in some cases can be even more crippling than the medical concerns. There is a large emotional aspect to obesity and studies have shown that body satisfaction levels are hugely tied in with evaluations of self-worth.

Many obese individuals struggle with disapproval and criticism from both family and strangers and may find the social stigmas of obesity extremely oppressive. They may be discriminated against at job interviews, feel they are disrespected by their physicians and find themselves less inclined to partake in social activities due to feelings of self-consciousness or simply because society has not provided for their needs - public and airline seats are too small, turnstiles too narrow and restaurant booths unaccommodating. These social discriminations often perpetuate a negative self-image and feelings of isolation.

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